Some colour palette speedpainty bookmarks for Hyper Japan! This time i’ve been a little rushed because of jobthings but all the old Expo stuff will be on sale as well! Our table is F.06 and here’s a map of the fringe area: 

I’ll be cosplaying Gou on Friday (wrestling area hello), Cure Princess on Saturday and Ayano on Sunday! Come say hello ;; 

Come see us at Hyper Japan!


Photos of my and cagepon's cosplays, our table setup, and my expo haul from this year's MCM!

It incorporates a commission of my still nameless ocs and some stuff I bought, some stuff from a lucky pack and some stuff that I was given for free at the end of the day, as well as a present from wakeupdodo ;w; 

my qb badge collection has grown again.. 

features art by smooshypie, greenmarshmallow and trickywagon among others~ it was so great to meet everyone /A\ ahh;;


Hey guys! on the 23rd - 25th May, cagepon and I are going to be selling stuff at London’s MCM Comicon along with promoting Storybeam’s (Route/0) lemon-project!

A closeup of the map can be found here and the full map is on MCM Buzz here. Our table number is CF7. Come find us!!

(P.S. If you can’t come or if you miss us - don’t worry, whatever is left over will be on sale at storeenvy after the con)


(via xtynn)


Man, I originally wanted to do portraits of all the inner senshi but I didn’t have the time… so Sailor V it is! Oh well - I hope I’ll be able to complete the series next time we’re selling at a con :’D 

Come visit us at London MCM Expo/Comic Con at table CF7!


To celebrate Sailor Moon Crystal and Viz licensing all of Sailor Moon i drew Sailor Moon!! (It’s been so long…)

Also this is going to be available as a keychain at MCM Expo along with a cute badge. Our table number is CF7, Come find us!

Other stuff we’re selling can be found here~