Hyper Japan was a lot of fun this year! I attended all three days because I had an artists’ alley table where I sold my and cagepon's stuff (though she couldn't make it :c ) - thank you so much to everyone who stopped by, bought things or hung out with me, or helped me with the table (honourable mention to wakeupdodoblueheladoquiteupsidedownpearlahiko and diamonbe!!) when I needed to run off or have a break ;; thanks guys ;~; im super grateful ;; 



Some colour palette speedpainty bookmarks for Hyper Japan! This time i’ve been a little rushed because of jobthings but all the old Expo stuff will be on sale as well! Our table is F.06 and here’s a map of the fringe area: 

I’ll be cosplaying Gou on Friday (wrestling area hello), Cure Princess on Saturday and Ayano on Sunday! Come say hello ;; 

Come see us at Hyper Japan!